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IMPORTANT: This event is ONLY for players with a Character on CITADEL

Welcome, here you can sign up to our event!


Please provide us the following informations to successfully join our event.

You can now sign up with your character name to become a registered FAN and/or Moonstruck without a purchase of one of our:

SailorMoons Advertisement ... Fan outfits.

  • Advertise SailorMoons Outfits PT1 and/or PT2 (for Female, by SailorMoons, available)
  • Unblock SailorMoons Outfits PT1 and/or PT2 (for Female, by SailorMoons, available)
  • Unblock SAILORMOONS FANwear p1 and/or p2 (for Female, by Aluminium, no longer offered)

But Remember: as an registered Moonstruck/+ you will have to wear our FAN wear everytime you play/stay on districts of any kind as long as this event is active!

New: You can also create your own Outfit/s related to this event. Please send us screenshots of your outfit HERE if you had registerd yourself as a "Moonstruck/+".

Also please read the Event description and it's Terms of service first before you sign up to this event!

Make sure to fill out our registration form wisely, otherwise your sign up may be rejected!

Registration Form:

Please enter the code:

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

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