SailorMoons Game account had been blocked

We are still trying our best to solve this problem with the strange blocking of  SailorMoons's Game account by Gamersfirst.

NO STATEMENT OF Gamersfirst (Reloaded Games (US/UK)) WAS GIVEN TO US.

Since this ban has not been revoked till now we had started an event named: "SailorMoons Fans". This event was made to gain the attention of Gamersfirst

in order to show them that many people (maybe you to?;3) like the Designs of SailorMoons ;3

But thats not all! We also had added a RAFFLE to this event, so you can win cool prizes by participating on it!



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Reason: Our lead designer SailorMoons is still Banned from the Game.

Welcome to the "To do List" page. Here you can see all open and future projects.

You can use this to see how much we have left to do before we can start work on your request

(if you had made one, or want to do).

Requested projects are marked with "by Customer". Also the copyright type is shown after it.

A list of copyright types can be found HERE.

The ">" shows the project that is currently in work.

Last edited: 26.February.2016


>|Symbol| Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)  by Customer *Standard*


|Symbol| Okabe-Rintarou (Steins Gate)  by Customer *Standard*

|Symbol| Asuka Langley (Evangelion)  by Customer *Extended*

|Symbol| Rias Gremory (Highschool DxD)  by Customer *Standard*

|Symbol| Levi (Attack on titan)  by Customer *Standard*

|Symbol| Erza (Fairy tail)  by Customer *Standard*

|Symbol| Nichijou Nano  by Customer *Standard*

Can be delayed:

|Symbol| Touka (Tokyo Ghoul) by SailorMoons *Standard*

|Symbol| Mikasa (AoT) by SailorMoons *Standard*

|Symbol| Maka (Soul Eater) by SailorMoons *Standard*

|Symbol| Lucy (Elfenlied) by SailorMoons *Standard*

|Symbol| Kisara (Black Bullet) *private for KisaraTendo

|Symbol| SailorMoon *private for SailorMoons*



>|Outfit| Golf suit - Female by Customer *Standard*

|Outfit| Erza (Fairy tail) - Female by Customer *Standard*

Can be delayed:

|Outfit| Mask (Bleach synchron) - Female by Customer *Standard*

|Outfit| Kisara - Female by SailorMoons *private for KisaraTendo

|Outfit| Asuna (Sword Art Online) - Female by SailorMoons *Standard*

|Outfit| Final Fantasy XIII - Lightning by SailorMoons *Standard*



|THEME| Fairy tail - main intro by SailorMoons *Standard*


NONE at the moment

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