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Updated (Jul 29, 2018):
- Added new List design
- Changed the ranking of Symbol orders (set by the designer)
- Finished project: U Happy

WELCOME, to the "To do List" page!

Here you can see all current projects of our lead designer SailorMoons.
You can use this list to decide if you want to request a symbol and/or Outfit creation, cause you may have to wait an unknown period of time by virtue of a ranking behind other orders.

The ranking will be set by the designer and is based on:

  • How difficult and reliable your symbol/Outfit request would be (Cars, themes and songs are curremtly not supported).
  • The requested date and payment.

Requested projects are marked with "by Customer". Also the copyright type is shown after it.
A list of copyright types (Standard/Extended = will be available for all; Limited Release = choose how much copies can be sold {50-15}; VIP/Prmium VIP = Only for you) can be found HERE.
The [Image: ChYifMN.png] marks the project, that is currently in work.

Symbol Projects: On Character/s: xSailorMoons &/ xSailorMoon


Number: Image: Product Name: Ordered by: Copy Right:
01: [Image: ChYifMN.png][Image: nuvS5ae.png] Custom Image: Bored Anime Girl Customer *Standard
02: [Image: VxHNAW9.png] Rikka (Chunibyo & Other Delusions!) Customer *Standard
03: [Image: 6GIWRCT.png] Nichijou Nano Customer *Standard
04: [Image: J8BNB9h.png] Kashima (KanColle) Customer *Standard
05: [Image: rBnjEMT.png] Custom Rias Gremory Customer *Standard
06: [Image: rR7bIdM.png] Shinoa (Seraph of the end) Customer *Standard
07: [Image: nzW5d5C.png] Asuka (Evangeleon) Customer *Standard
08: [Image: a7EcrnF.png] Jason Statham face Customer *Standard
09: [Image: I4laI1W.png] Custom Erza Scarlet Customer *Standard
10: [Image: uKATtIe.jpg]/[Image: EOcfkGy.jpg] Spider Gwen Customer *Standard
11: [Image: x6kayIx.png] Levi (Attack on titan) Customer *Standard
12: [Image: WJDJLfN.png] Rintaro Okabe (Steins;Gate) Customer *Standard
13: [Image: 2uD3YFf.png] Chelsea (Akame Ga Kill) Customer *Standard
14: [Image: hNPXM7Z.png] Karen x Honoka (Kin-iro Mosaic) Customer *Standard
15: [Image: siYfrdH.png] Saitama (One punch man) Customer *Standard
16: [Image: AlycdBB.png] Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul) Customer *Standard
17: [Image: 48YEkGU.png] Karen (Kin-iro Mosaic) Customer *Standard
18: [Image: wYjHRWH.png] Yuki (The Testament of Sister New Devil) Customer *Standard
19: [Image: p5I2L8L.png] Custom Image: Bikini Anime Girl Customer *Standard
20: [Image: xX3GseW.png] Emilia (Re Zero) Customer *Standard

Additional Symbols:

|Symbol| Touka (Tokyo Ghoul) by SailorMoons *Standard*

|Symbol| Mikasa (AoT) by SailorMoons *Standard*

|Symbol| Maka (Soul Eater) by SailorMoons *Standard*

|Symbol| Lucy (Elfenlied) by SailorMoons *Standard*

|Symbol| SailorMoon *private for SailorMoons*


Outfit Projects: On Character/s: xSailorMoons &/ xSailorMoon


Number: Image: Product Name: Ordered by: Copy Right:
01: [Image: InXDfax.jpg] Officer (Overwatch) Customer *Standard
03: [Image: obAsSaf.png] Leopard Leggings Customer *Standard
05: [Image: f172vPg.jpg] Sirene (Borderlands) Customer *Standard
06: [Image: oT1bAFn.jpg] 2B (Near Automata) Customer *Standard
07: [Image: 5d9vF5w.jpg] A2 (Near Automata) Customer *Standard
08: [Image: BLjtpUT.jpg] Golf Suit Customer *Standard
09: [Image: 3UxxGIV.jpg] Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII) SailorMoons *Standard

Car Projects: On Character/s: xSailorMoons &/ xSailorMoon


Theme Projects: On Character/s: AudioMoon

Image: Product Name: Ordered by: Copy Right:
|THEME| Fairy tail - main intro SailorMoons Standard

Song Projects: On Character/s: AudioMoon


The client of an project is marked with: by. Product copyright is marked with: *. Due to privacy reasons we had changed the names of the clients to "by Customer". Projects started by SailorMoons are marked with "by SailorMoons".

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