SailorMoons Game account had been blocked

NO STATEMENT OF Gamersfirst (Reloaded Games (US/UK)) WAS GIVEN TO US.

Since this ban has not been revoked till now we had started an event named: "SailorMoons Fans". This event was made to gain the attention of Gamersfirst

in order to show them that many people (maybe you to?;3) like the Designs of SailorMoons ;3

But thats not all! We also had added a RAFFLE to this event, so you can win cool prizes by participating on it!



to SMS Customs your High Quality Designs in APB: Reloaded Gamersfirst (Reloaded Games (US/UK))

Our new Website Design (Beta) is Online since 17.October.2016.

Feel free to report bugs you find at "Contact" or leave a comment at our Disqus chat.

We hope you will like the new Design, have fun Browsing ;)



About our lead Designer SailorMoons:

Designing in this game was and still would be my hobby.

Also i did designs (private or public) for other players with pleasure to become a famous designer.

Often i had not much time to play and/or design new things but when i did i always have had gave my best to offer the best quality as possible.

In order to offer the best possible support to my customers i have worked together with my brother to design and built this adfree and non commercial website where you can always contact me and preview everything from symbols till cars and themes,

as well as the latest NEWS and EVENTS like Raffles.

All in all it was fun for me to design and i would be glad to be able to offer my services again!


In order to get recorgnised by GamersFirst (Reloaded Games Inc) i wanted to start the event: "SailorMoons Revival" which should show them that many

people (maybe you to?;3) like the Designs i have made so far.

Live Designing "Yahiko Pain" (10 months ago)

Dear Visitor, our LEAD designer SailorMoons got banned.

No statement of

Gamersfirst (Reloaded Games (US/UK)) was given to us.

If they do not revoke this we are sorry to say that we no longer can

Deliver our products or create new ones.


Our website will stay online to inform all our ingame customers
and as SOME KIND of protest to this unfair ban.
We will miss your Talent at Designing!


Please help us unblock SailorMoons with joining our new event: 


Total Website Visits: (Can be faulty through Adblocker's)


SailorMoons @ APB Reloaded, Citadel(EU) Server. Quality Designs made in Germany.

All products shown at this website are made in the game: APB Reloaded, this website does not own any copyright that contain to the game itself nor the designs based on a specific third parties product.

All pictures shown at this website are edited by SailorMoons and/or staff members, they may contain Viewer Discretion censoring.

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